INTERNATIONAL SPORTING PROPERTIES offers a unique service for the sale of high-end rural properties in North America, South America, Africa and Europe.

Its success and efficiency is based in particular on a large, dynamic and proven international collaboration network.

INTERNATIONAL SPORTING PROPERTIES is therefore able to sell a hunting estate in Sologne to a French, just as well as a game reserve in South Africa to an American or a farm in Romania to an Emirati.

Matching the right property to the right buyer has no borders or geographic restrictions, it is all about the connections and access. INTERNATIONAL SPORTING PROPERTIES has those connections and enjoys unparalleled access through our many years of experience and networking.

If you want maximum exposure, your property will be advertised with national and international visibility in order to reach the largest number of potential buyers, while quietly activating our personal and industry networks. This also allows for quiet and discreet transactions ("Off-market") at the highest level if preferred. 

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The purchasing department of INTERNATIONAL SPORTING PROPERTIES also offers a tailor-made property hunting service.

Its efficiency is also based on its international collaboration network.

Indeed, this network allows it to be at the source of many very complicated files to obtain
for buyers.

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The third INTERNATIONAL SPORTING PROPERTIES 's skill is to support owners wishing to market products, services and activities related to their rural property. 

Many owners are looking for solutions to make the most out of their rural property and create the maximum return on investment.

Commercial hunting and fishing, by-products from hunting, fishing, agriculture or forestry are ideas regularly considered by property owners.  

INTERNATIONAL SPORTING PROPERTIES and its teams will take care of it all, from creating  a visual identity to the complete marketing strategy, as well as advice on land and building development.

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