INTERNATIONAL SPORTING PROPERTIES is an office specialized in real estate transactions of high-end rural properties in North America, South America, Africa and Europe. 

Its core business is therefore the sale and purchase of properties relating to land and open spaces such as hunting and fishing properties, equestrian properties, farms, forests, game reserves, etc. 

Not being part of any large structure, INTERNATIONAL SPORTING PROPERTIES has been able to build a international professional network at the highest level in complete independence, free of conflicts of interest. 

INTERNATIONAL SPORTING PROPERTIES has surrounded ourselves with excellent specialists in each country to assist in all aspects of property transactions : lawyers, tax planners, photographers, brokers, land experts, property managers, hunting operators, etc.

This international professional network allows it to :

- Manage a transaction from A to Z under the best conditions.

- Guide and advise clients in this type of investment in the best possible way.

- Keep constantly abreast of developments in this niche market.

- Access many unique properties that are not otherwise available to the conventional market.

INTERNATIONAL SPORTING PROPERTIES has been created by four partners, two Americans and two Europeans, each bringing extensive experience in real estate transactions and international rural activities such as field sports, agriculture and forestry.

They are also well versed in all aspects of international property investment.

In permanent contact with the international rural sector and with their respective in-depth experiences, they know perfectly well the difficulties and opportunities of selling or buying a rural property "at home" or ‘abroad’.

One of their main objectives is to make this type of acquisition more "accessible", make a dream come true for most of their clients.

INTERNATIONAL SPORTING PROPERTIES has currently established two offices, one in Europe and the other in the United States of America.

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