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Sporting property

INTERNATIONAL SPORTING PROPERTIES presents a beautiful property with exceptional hunting.


Located in a very hilly area of the Seville region, the views are exceptional and in many places very spectacular.


Access to the motorway, airport and train station is easy and fast.


The altitude of 90% of the property is between 250 and 510 metres. The remaining 10% of the property is on the western edge of the property and is below 100 metres in altitude.


This variation in altitude, the different exposures and the interior valleys have shaped a territory that is very diverse in vegetation, with grassy plateaus populated by a few oaks, undulating oak forests and very steep and rocky areas with low vegetation.


The hydrographic network is dense, with a large number of streams and 16 well-distributed, developed water points.


There is also a good network of paths and firebreaks. 


The 2.345 hectares/5,794 acres are completely fenced off at 2.20 metres high.


This fence contains a good density of red deer, mouflon and wild boar.


A great deal of work has been done on the genetic selection of the animals for many years, resulting in a very high quality of animals and trophies.


The proportion of medal trophies is absolutely unique for Spain and Europe.


Thanks to its superb landscapes and its animals with outstanding trophies, this property offers individual hunts or "Montería" of a rare intensity.  


On the building side, a beautiful and comfortable house with 6 bedrooms and a swimming pool is located in the middle of the property.


Adjacent to this house are annexes that can be converted into bedrooms and 2 staff quarters.


A hangar has been built a little away from the main house and out of sight.


Finally, there are 2 staff houses strategically located on the property and old farm buildings.


In its current use, the costs (staff, taxes, maintenance, etc) are practically covered by the incomes (hunting, sale of deer hides, sale of meat, cork harvest, etc).


This Andalusian pearl is only waiting for its new owner to write the new lines of its history.









Category Sporting property
Reference 4399291
Ground surface 2345 ha
Contact for estate : 4399291
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